Need Service for your Electronics or Appliances?

Call us at 812-471-0642 and we can do your repair. Let us help you; we repair televisions, major appliances, computers, audio, Playstations, IPhones, IPads, IPods, tablets, DVD players, and more.

We are an Authorized Servicer for many brands, and have access to some replacement parts locally. We can provide service to businesses as well as individuals.

We have been in business locally since 1996 and continue to expand and grow our services.

Replacement Lamps

We sell replacement lamps for projection televisions and carry many of them in stock. Call with the model of your unit to check for in stock OEM replacement lamps.

We can install your lamp if you require assistance, call for pricing.

Need Parts?

In addition to replacement lamps, we sell appliance, television, and other parts. We carry parts for many brands so contact us to see if we can fill your needs.


We provide free estimates for computer repairs, check our services page for rates on other types of repairs. We repair a wide range products; call and ask if we can help.

Television Repair

Problem with your television? We can help. Bring in your unit for a bench diagnostic; we can arrange a pickup for you if it is too large for you to handle. We will pinpoint your problem and provide you with the total cost to repair your unit. Call or come see us today.